Consultation and Advice:

Active Foundry has the competence to provide professional advice to clients on effective, cost saving and customized solutions tailor made for the needs of every work place.

We specialize in most foundry related requirements which include:

• Pattern production - Resin & Wood
• Metal identification - In-house spectrograph as well as internationally recognized material standards utilized to identify different types of materials.
• Metal production - Production of materials according to customer specifications as well as advice on the correct material for the right application.
• Melting practice - The correct melting, coring and pouring procedures for optimum quality and cost savings.
• Heat Treatment - Application of correct heat treatment for optimum mechanical results on castings.
• Product design - Advice on correct design of new products by utilizing the Latest 3D Cad/Cam design & material flow control software.
• General advice - Technical advice and service in actual utilization of our products.

Our Facilities:

Active Foundry boasts a 2.5 Ton induction furnace with a melting capacity of 120 Tons finished castings per month.
We have a fully mechanized heat -treatment plant which includes 5 electric furnaces utilized for normalizing,quenching and tempering of our cast products.

Health and Safety:

An Active Foundry core value is an assurance for each employee to work in a safe environment. We comply with all OHASA and Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations.

Our Footprint:

Active Foundry operates across Southern Africa directly or via agents. Please contact our Head Office in Germiston for more details.

Production Process: