Active Foundry

Manufacturers of High Quality Steel And Spheroidal Graphite Iron Castings.

Active Foundry was established in 1991 and manufactures a wide portfolio of high quality Steel and spheroidal graphite iron castings.

The core business of Active Foundry centers around the manufacturing of Abrasion/impact resistant (Wear Parts) and graphite iron castings for the mining, construction, industrial and water provision industries. Our products include castings used in the manufacturing of valve castings, Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T), coal crushing hammers, mining tracks pads, rocker arms and various other high quality ferrous products.

Active Foundry

Our Experienced Team.

Our experienced team of qualified metallurgists produces most non-patented cast parts by applying various methods of reverse engineering for direct replacement parts or utilizing an original equipment customers production drawings for production thereof.

Active Foundry has a qualified workforce of more than 60 employees that includes various specialists in each department.

Active Foundry understands the urgency of the time factor in business production, and pride ourselves in our fulfillment of manufacturing time frames.

Our excellent quality and range of products, fulfilment of time frames, market related pricing and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us steady growth by an expanding client base.

Our Company Vision:

Our Vision is to keep our employees motivated, our valued customers happy and ensure a good return on investment for our share-holders

Mission Statement:

In line with the company's vision statement, our mission is to:
- Ensure that our brand nameimmediately comes to mind when any consumer of ferrous casting wants the best product, service and value for money.
- Consistently strive to be the best in the eye of our employees and share-holders.
- Continuously shape and lead the markets in which it chooses to complete.


ISO Certified

BEE Certificate available on request